Who Killed Charlotte DiLaurentis on \'Pretty Little Liars\'?
Charlotte and A
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Killed Charlotte DiLaurentis on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?


It turns out Pretty Little Liars can still shock us. In fact, the Season 6 winter premiere packed a major twist we never saw coming: Charlotte was murdered.

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That's right. The former "A" is gone, and now we have to ask: Who offed her?

So far there's very little evidence, but here are the seven people we're most suspicious of right now. Shots in the dark here, people.

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Alison on Pretty Little Liars
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Alison. Yes, Ali seemed to genuinely want to be reunited with her sis, but this is Alison DiLaurentis we're talking about. We'll never 100 percent trust her.

Aria. What? The promo for next week makes this Liar look very suspicious, since it turns out she was not at the hotel while Charlotte was being killed. Plus, her speech to the judge makes it clear she has not forgotten what "A" put her thorough.

Ashley Marin. Hanna's mom seemed infuriated at the idea her daughter's torturer could go free, and we know she'd do just about anything to protect her little girl...

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The former teach seems very unhinged right now. That's all we're saying.

Mona. The original "A" urged the judge to let Charlotte go. Did she really have sympathy for her fellow reformed villain, or was that all part of a plan to get her enemy out in the open so she could do away with her once and for all?

Sara Harvey. Sara is such an obvious suspect it almost seems like she can't have done it, because that would be boring. Still, we'd be remiss not to mention this super sketch character.

Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars
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No one.
Yeah, yeah, we saw the body. We don't care. In Rosewood, we're never truly convinced anyone is really dead.

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