Who Killed Charlotte on ‘Pretty Little Liars’? Our 5 Key Suspects
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Killed Charlotte on ‘Pretty Little Liars’? Our 5 Key Suspects


We’ve been waiting what seems like forever for an answer to who killed Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars. Finally, the show promises we’ll get our big reveal in Season 7, Episode 19, the second-to-last episode of PLL ever!

Before we get our long-awaited answer, we have five suspects we think could have committed the crime. Let’s see who is looking super suspicious over the murder.

Mona Vanderwaal

All the focus is on how Charlotte tortured the Liars, but never forget she also kidnapped and imprisoned Mona in the Dollhouse as well — even forcing her into some creepy Alison cosplay.

That alone would give Mona reason to get rid of the newly released Charlotte, but add in the bonus backstab that Charlotte stole the game from Mona and then used it against her.

Plus, in Season 7, Mona is all about saving and protecting the Liars (even though they never give her credit), so Charlotte’s murder could have been a misguided attempt to save the girls from “A” once and for all.

Lucas Gottesman

Lucas and Charlotte go way back. Did he kill Charlotte to protect himself from this news coming out? Lucas definitely didn’t want his unrequited love Hanna knowing that he gave “A” the ideas for how to torture her and her friends.

Lucas has seemed pretty darn desperate in Season 7B over this comic book reveal, and who knows the lengths he could have gone to.

Sara Harvey

Before Sara met her own untimely end, did she do the same to her former partner-in-crime, Charlotte?

Post-time jump, Sara’s motives were very blurry. She was working with Jenna, and she claimed to her one-time-GF Emily that she was trying to help her. What was her deal? While she can never tell us personally, maybe we’ll see in a flashback that she betrayed the former “A.”

Melissa Hastings

There was no love lost between Charlotte and Melissa — at least according to Melissa’s London bathroom rant to Hanna.

Melissa says that that “twisted sister” Charlotte called Wren and told him about Melissa’s involvement with Bethany Young, causing Wren to break up with her.

Then, of course, Melissa became suspect No. 1 in Charlotte’s death, due to the broken handle of her suitcase being a possible murder weapon.

There’s still so much to know about Melissa and Charlotte’s relationship, especially what happened That Night, because Cece and Melissa were friends before the “A” reveal.

Charlotte is still alive

We know Charlotte has disappearing skills. She has slipped into the CeCe identity and she vanished to Paris (somehow?) when she was under investigation for Wilden’s death.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Charlotte is alive, having vanished again.

After all, she has the paralyzing drug that makes it look like you are dead, and the Rosewood police aren’t the best at identifying dead bodies. She could have known that someone was trying to kill her and disappeared.

So, who do you think killed Charlotte?

Get your final guesses in before the episode airs Tuesday!

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