Downton Abbey

Who Should Lady Mary Choose? The Votes Are In!

It was a close one. In the wake of the February 16 episode ;we asked Wetpaint Entertainment readers who Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) should pick to be her true love post-Matthew (Dan Stevens). It’s a difficult question to answer, we know, particularly in light of all the great choices Mary has at hand.

To review: Man-testant No. 1 is the dashing Lord Gillingham, aka Anthony Foley, (Tom Cullen). Their shared love of the finer things in life and childhood memories give Anthony and Mary great common footing on which to build a new life together. Tony’s totally committed (now that he’s no longer engaged) and told Mary he’ll never give up the race to win her heart. Call him a die-hard romantic.

Bachelor No. 2 is Gillingham’s closest competition: Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden). He’s the opposite of Mary in so many ways. Where she’s posh, he’s down-to-earth. Where she’s opinionated, he’s even more opinionated. Where she’s all for pig farming, well, actually they get along pretty well on that front. Is Charles too different for Mary or will the old adage of opposites attract prove true?

We’d mention the other two contenders — Evelyn “Always a Groomsman” Napier and the single life — but honestly, neither were very popular choices. Both were completely blown out of the water by Gilly and Chuck (our new pet names for them).

The votes have been tallied and who’s the suitor you think deserves to fill Matthew Crawley’s shoes? Click through for the big reveal.