The Blacklist: Who Will Lizzie Choose — Red or Tom?
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The Blacklist

The Blacklist: Who Will Lizzie Choose — Red or Tom?

There’s been a crazy tense triangle building on The Blacklist, especially where we left off in the fall finale — and Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is left with no idea who she should believe. Should she trust Red Reddington (Jason Spader), the criminal who knows a lot more about Lizzie than he’s been willing to admit just yet? Or should she rest her faith in Tom (Ryan Eggold), her husband? From we can already tell, there’s a lot more to this school teacher than meets the eye.

When Tom got caught with his secret box full of fake passports and even a gun that Lizzie didn’t know he had, he insisted he was innocent — and so far, it seems like she believes him. But since Red’s working so hard to convince her that Tom’s lying, we know there must be at least a seed of doubt planted in Lizzie’s mind. So who will she believe: Tom or Red?

Red, so far, seems to be totally trustworthy (at least as trustworthy as an international crime lord can be). Any and all information he’s given the FBI via Lizzie has been true — and since he offered to work for them to receive amnesty, he’s kept good on his word. If Red thinks Tom’s up to something, we’re more inclined to believe him, and we have a feeling that Lizzie is, too. He hass a wealth of information when it comes to what’s going on with the underbelly of society… and he’s very skilled in manipulating others to do what he wants them to do so he can get information out of them.

Lizzie is obviously super tied to her work — as soon as she found Tom’s box, she took it directly to the FBI, and she was all about getting him checked out to verify that what he told her was the truth. If she finds out something is up with Tom (and we strongly suspect there is) we wouldn’t be surprised if she ended their marriage over it.

But after all, Tom is her husband, and she hasn’t known Red all that long. She obviously wants to believe she’s married to someone she can trust, and we can’t forget Red’s a known criminal. So who will she choose if it comes down to it? We’ll have to wait and see!

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