Who Made Bachelor Sean Lowe Sad?
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Who Made Bachelor Sean Lowe Sad?

Poor Bachelor Sean Lowe! Tuesday night all he could do was cry, a moment fiancée Catherine Giudici made sure to catch on camera. The strapping 6-foot-3-inch Texan got emotional as his team of choice, the San Antonio Spurs, faced defeat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

“4th quarter, game 6, Spurs are down. And so is he. @SeanLowe09,” Cat tweeted.

Despite their loss Tuesday, the team isn’t out of the running. They face the Miami Heat again tonight in a winner-take-all Game 7 match. (Sports!) We only care because we’re hoping a win will make Sean smile again.

Who Made Bachelor Sean Lowe Sad?
Credit: Catherine Giudici on Twitter    

Watching TV and bumming it on the couch is probably a nice change of pace for the very busy SeanCat. They spent last week living it up in New York City with fellow Bachelor/ette alumni. In between appearing on Good Morning America, taping an episode of Katie, and getting lost in Central Park, the pair stole a few romantic moments at the aptly named Sanctuary Hotel NYC.

Although the darling duo aren’t planning on marriage or kids anytime soon, it’s nice to see Sean and Cat doing couple-y things like watching sports and mocking one another via social media.

Source: Catherine Giudici on Twitter