Who Is Marrialle Sellars? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info
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Who Is Marrialle Sellars? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info

Wondering who that amazing girl with the spiky, red hair? That would be Marrialle Sellars. This girl’s going up in lights if American Idol has anything to do with it, and she's already made it into the Top 31. Hey, she did tell us she plans to be the next American Idol.

As we saw in a promo for her first audition, the Season 13 contestant initially caught the judges’ attention because of her out of this world high heels.

“Look at those shoes,” judge Jennifer Lopez practically cooed as Marrialle high stepped it into her audition after waiting in that scary box-like room.

Fancy footwear was long forgotten, however, once Marrialle (pronounced “mari-elle”) opened her mouth. The 17-year-old’s soulful take on “Grenade” by Bruno Mars got rave reviews from all three judges. (Unfortunately, her sister’s audition didn’t go as well, reports CBS Detroit.)

“You’re going to be a nightmare for the other competitors in this competition,” said Harry Connick, Jr of Marrialle. “I just didn’t expect that to come out of you,” J.Lo added. “I think you have have a really great voice.” And shoes. Don’t forget about the shoes.

Later, during Rush Week, she grooved her way through a version of Katy Perry's "Roar."

The high school senior hails from Indianapolis and auditioned in Detroit. Although her reported Facebook page seems to be no longer active, we do have a snippet of her telling CBS Detroit that auditioning for Idol meant a “whole lot” to her. “Singing is my life,” she continued, “and I couldn’t think of my life without it.”

Good, because we couldn’t imagine Season 13 without you!

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