Who Has the Best Odd Couple Bromance on Game of Thrones? (POLL)
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Game of Thrones

Who Has the Best Odd Couple Bromance on Game of Thrones? (POLL)

Game of Thrones is well-known for taking two vastly different characters and putting them together, usually forcing them into a kind of buddy, road comedy. We’ve seen this done multiple times over the course of the show’s first four seasons, but which pairing was the best? Here are our nominees:

Tyrion and Bronn. The show’s first pairing was also its longest lived, lasting from Season 1 all the way to Tyrion’s imprisonment in Season 4. The two have wildly different backgrounds but share the same dry sense of humor, making their time on screen together must-see TV. It wasn’t all laughs though, as their emotional farewell in Season 4 was one of the show’s most tear-jerky moments.

Jaime and Brienne. It could be argued that no one has been as influenced by one other person on the show as much as Jaime was influenced by Brienne. Jaime was a grade A villain when he first started hanging out with Brienne, but became one of the show’s most cheer-worthy heroes by the end of it. The strong silent type being paired the cocky wise-cracker isn’t exactly a new concept, but these two made it feel fresh. They have their shippers, but we prefer these two better as best buds.

Arya and the Hound. Arya has been bounced around a lot over the course of Game of Thrones, but she really seemed happiest when she was with the Hound. Seeing her slowly change from wanting to kill him to almost accepting him as a father figure was great, and the Hound’s real life lessons should help Arya in the future. Of course, Arya proved she may have been too good of a student when she refused to grant mercy to the Hound, in a farewell that challenges Tyrion and Bronn’s for emotional weight.

Jon Snow and Sam. These two brothers of the Night’s Watch are the classic, “Look how different we are, oh wait, we’re not so different, you and I,” pair, but we love it. They shared a deep bond, and we get the feeling that they are the truest friends out of everyone on this list. Jon may be the classic hero, while Sam is the classic underdog, but when it’s all said and done we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sam overtake Jon as the show’s main hero.

Brienne and Pod. The show’s newest odd couple haven’t been around much, but they’ve shown flashes of brilliance. Brienne is no-nonsense and not exactly outgoing, while Pod is incredibly inept but well-meaning. They both are at their hearts good people, a rarity for this show, so we have a bad feeling that their relationship doesn’t end well. While they’re together though, let’s all enjoy their socially awkward exchanges!

Who do you think is the best odd couple on Game of Thrones?

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