Who Plays the Mountain? 5 Things to Know About Thor Bjornsson
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Who Plays the Mountain? 5 Things to Know About Thor Bjornsson

On Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7 (“Mockingbird”), we got our first look at the new actor portraying the Mountain: Thor Bjornsson, and he is quite the terrifying specimen. Thor is new to American audiences, so here are a few things to know about him.

1. He’s the world’s second strongest man. There’s a reason Thor was cast as the Mountain. Thor came in second place in the World’s Strongest Man competition this year, after coming in third the last two years. So who’s number one? Rory McCann, who portrays the Hound (not really, but wouldn’t that be awesome?).

2. He’s from Iceland. Thor hails from Iceland, which is where a lot of Game of Thrones is filmed. Ironically, though, Thor’s scenes were shot in Croatia rather than his homeland, so he ended up with a pretty lengthy word commute.

3. Thor isn’t his real name. While it would be pretty amazing to have an Icelandic strongman with the given name of the Norse God of Thunder, sadly this is not the case. Thor’s actual name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. We see why he goes by Thor.

4. He holds the world record for throwing a washing machine. Because apparently this is a thing, Thor broke the record when he tossed a washing machine 15.4 feet. We wonder what he does at the laundromat when the machine eats his quarters?

5. He’s enormous. While it’s evident on the show that Thor is a big guy, you can’t quite tell how big he is. In real life, Thor is 6’9” tall and weighs over 400 lbs. The Mountain, indeed.

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