The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: Who Received a Rose in the Premiere?

Nobody likes to go home first on a reality show, but at least on The Bachelorette you’re not alone on your walk of shame. Six dudes just didn’t rock Desiree Hartsock’s world, and at least one churned her stomach. But we’re kinda glass-half full folks (or, in this case, 19/25ths full), so let’s focus on the positive. Who got a rose and will have another week to impress Des? (Tip to the remaining dudes: Des doesn’t appear to be into close-up magic.)

Bachelorette 2013: Who Received a Rose in the Premiere?
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    
  1. Ben Scott, 28
  2. Brad McKinzie, 27
  3. Brandon Andreen, 26
  4. Brian Jarosinski, 29
  5. Brooks Forester, 28
  6. Bryden Vukasin, 26
  7. Chris Siegfried, 27
  8. Dan Cox, 30
  9. Drew Kenney, 27
  10. James Case, 27
  11. Juan Pablo Galavis, 31
  12. Kasey Stewart, 29
  13. Mike Garofola, 33
  14. Mikey Tenerelli, 30
  15. Nick Mucci, 27
  16. Robert Graham, 30
  17. Will Reese, 28
  18. Zack Kalter, 28
  19. Zak Waddell, 31

    It’s a little hard to get attached to anyone at this stage in the game, so let’s just say we’re less interested in why certain people went home and more curious why certain people got roses. By which we mean Kasey Stewart. (#omgstopsayinghashtag)

    Do you think Des picked the right guys to continue on her rose-filled journey, or did she fail to separate all the #chaff from the #wheat?

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