Who Was Responsible For the Pillow Talk Party Fight? The Viewers Speak Out!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who Was Responsible For the Pillow Talk Party Fight? The Viewers Speak Out!

There’s been a lot of finger-pointing going on following the epic Pillow Talk party blowout on the January 26 and February 9 episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. While all of the cast members have their own opinions about who’s to blame for the fight, it’s really more about what the impartial viewers think. So, ever a man of the people, Andy Cohen pulled a bold move on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live and asked the audience exactly that question — right in front of fight participant and guest Kenya Moore.

We already know that Kenya holds NeNe Leakes responsible for her assistant Brandon DeShazer’s injuries at the hands of Apollo Nida. Meanwhile, NeNe thinks it’s Kenya’s burden to bear, as she was the one that first stood up and escalated the argument with Christopher Williams and his wife, Natalie.

So who do the viewers side with? Andy took to Twitter following the WWHL episode to share the results, and thought it’s fairly split, the outcome might surprise you.

Usual fan favorite NeNe Leakes is being held as the one most in the wrong here by audiences. As the host of the pajama party, 57 percent of viewers think she should have handled the situation better. But Kenya is not without her blame, either! A solid 42 percent say that the former Miss USA caused the incident, and thus should take responsibility for the results. Only one percent believes neither had a part. The people have spoken!

Though she won that argument, Kenya was still less-than-pleased with the poll’s results, tweeting that they “seemed altered.” Girl, don’t you know not to mess with Andy Cohen? Take your (minor) victory and run with it!

Do you agree with the majority that NeNe bears the blame, or are you gunning for Kenya? Tell us in the comments below.

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