The Bachelor

Who Are The Richest Bachelors and Bachelorettes? A Roundup

We are just about to dive into the next season of The Bachelor, kicking off with our boy ;Chris Soules ;this coming Monday, January 5. And much like the Iowa "land baron," many of Bachelor Nation's biggest names are not only pretty to look at, but they've got the bank account to back it up!

The thing about The Bachelor ;and The Bachelorette ;is that love comes first, so even the members of this rose-colored tribe with a thicker wallet may not match up to the Real Housewives ;casts, and may not be able to throw down with the Kardashians. But there are a few handsome folks, like Andrew Firestone ;and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, ;who are Richie Riches in their own rights.

And while the heir to a tire empire or full-fledged royalty might not be the most surprising alums to qualify for a black card, there are others similar to millionaire farmer Chris who are much more than they appear...

Want to see who else is secretly loaded? Click through to revisit the deep pockets of these gorgeous men and women. And hey, if money's your thing, some of these folks are single, so... ;