American Idol 2014: Who Should Go Home From the Top 10 — March 20, 2014?
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American Idol

American Idol 2014: Who Should Go Home From the Top 10 — March 20, 2014?

These season 13 American Idol hopefuls have really hit their stride. If you’re like us, you found that lack of confidence and stage presence negatively affected these singers for the first few weeks. Since then, however, they’ve shown they could hit the music scene and not totally flop.

That said, it is Thursday, which means someone has to go home (unless, of course, the judges use that single save they have for the season). So who should go home based on last night’s performances?

American Idol 2014: Who Should Go Home From the Top 10 — March 20, 2014?
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Some weeks, the writing is on the wall for who goes home, as with last week’s departure by Ben Briley. This week, things are a bit hazy. Sadly, though, we think the person coming to the end of her Idol journey is MK Nobilette. Where others have found confidence, she continues to falter.

MK had a bit of a misstep during her rendition of P!nk’s “F—ing Perfect” last night, and stumbled over the lyrics. Instead of facing it head on, as Jennifer Lopez said she should have done, MK turned her back to the audience. Harry Connick, Jr. (aka “Harsh Harry”) didn’t mince any words in his review of the performance either.

“I did not think that was one of your stronger performances,” Harry said during his critique. “It has nothing to do with the fact that the lyrics got off. I heard you talking about what you meant with the feeling of the song, but I didn’t really feel that conveyed.”

Of course, it’s always necessary to look at social media, and this is where things could get tricky. Caleb Johnson actually has the fewest number of Twitter followers with 8,231, but we have maintained all along that this is a SNAFU, as it’s hard to find him on the social media site. MK has 16,000 followers, which is surprisingly high compared to some of the other singers. Dexter Roberts and Majesty Rose are on par with one another, with 12,600 and 12,000, respectively. C.J. Harris, who also struggled a bit last night, has only 11,000 Twitter followers to his name.

If social media comes into play, CJ could have his Idol dreams dashed. However, if voters were more apt to vote for those who have been consistent and who have shown growth as an artist, we still think it’s MK’s turn to go home.

What do you think of our prediction? Who do you think will go home on tonight’s American Idol results show? Sound off in the comments!

03.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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