Who Should Juan Pablo Galavis Pick? Maybe One of These 5 Celebrities!
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The Bachelor

Who Should Juan Pablo Galavis Pick? Maybe One of These 5 Celebrities!

Juan Pablo Galavis has extremely specific requirements for the "muy caliente" leading lady in his life. In fact, they're so specific that we fear he may not find love on ABC's The Bachelor. The good news? If Juan Pablo doesn't hit it off with anyone in his harem of hotties, he can always salsa dance his way over to an A-list celebrity who a) loves sports, b) has a great butt, c) is cool with his Backstreet Boys obsession, d) has some vague understanding of Spanish, and e) loves kids.

Check out our roundup of sexy celebs who fit the bill!

1. Eva Longoria

When she isn't busy voguing for the camera and getting her politics on, Eva Longoria can be found perfecting her resume for the position of Juan Pablo's Future Wife. She's pretty much perfect for this Venezuelan heartthrob — from her athletic build, to her ability to hablar Español. Sure, she might not have kids of her own, but Eva's on the record saying that she wants to be a mom someday!

Matchability with Juan Pablo: 7 out of 10.

2. Cameron Diaz

This California girl is obsessed with all things athletic (have you seen her ride a surfboard? It inspires even the laziest TV bingers to get outside!), and as far as we know she's single and ready to mingle. Cameron's a great pick for Juan Pablo — and not just because of her sweet personality and love for children. Her father's family hails from Cuba, which means she has Latino roots — though unfortunately she doesn't speak Spanish. Oh well, she and Juan Pablo can always communicate through the language of love. And if that fails they can just "speak in tongues."

Matchability with Juan Pablo: 6 out of 10.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From The Block might be dating Casper Smart, but please. Juan Pablo could dance circles around Casper, which is pretty impressive considering that Casper gets paid to shake it like a polaroid picture. Not only has J.Lo met Juan Pablo's favorite band, The Backstreet Boys (you know, we assume), she has two adorable children who would get along great with his daughter, Camila! And yes, Jennifer's assets are ample. We know how Juan Pablo cares deeply about these things.

Matchability with Juan Pablo: 8 out of 10.

4. Christina Milian

She's a single mom, he's a single dad. She's a reality television host, he's a reality television participant. She's a singer, he spent his formative years promoting Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho. In other words, Juan Pablo and Christina Milan are a match made in heaven.

Matchability with Juan Pablo: 9 out of 10.

5. Katie Holmes

We know it's an unlikely pairing, but hear us out. Juan Pablo loved himself some Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. And Desiree Hartsock is basically the reality television version of Katie Holmes, only Katie's even more ideal for him because she's the proud mother of future fashion icon Suri Cruise. See? Katie and Juan are even more perfect than Joey Potter and Dawson Leery!

Matchability with Juan Pablo: 10 out of 10.

What do you think? Who would be the perfect celebrity match for Juan Pablo? Sound off in the comments!