Who Should Kristen Stewart Date Next? (POLL)
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Who Should Kristen Stewart Date Next? (POLL)

Now that Robert Pattinson is kinda-sorta-maybe seeing Dylan Penn, Robin Wright and Sean Penn's daughter, we can't help but imagine our ideal dates for his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

K.Stew is notoriously private, so she could be secretly married, for all we know. But operating under the assumption that she's single, we have some ideas for guys that she could hold hands with for a while.

Liam Hemsworth. In case Eiza Gonzalez is just a sexy fling, we know from his and Miley Cyrus's relationship that he likes offbeat women. He apparently also likes brunettes, judging from Miley's appearance when they first got together and Eiza's appearance now.

Taylor Lautner. Wouldn't it be amazing if, IRL, Team Jacob won?

Joe Jonas. A slightly wholesome route might be a nice change for Kristen, especially as Joe leans a little bit away from wholesome himself.

Alexander Skarsgard. K.Stew, why not upgrade your sexy vampire? He's single!

Ian Somerhalder. While Kristen's upgrading her vampire boyfriend, why not become a dog-grandma while she's at it?

Norman Reedus. They're both total weirdos with a dark side. We bet they could get up to some sweet adventures together.

Zac Efron. The rumor mill says that K.Stew wants to date the High School Musical star, and we don't see why not!

Dakota Fanning. Now that K.Stew's available, now’s the time to make all those cray-cray rumors a reality!

Vote below, or let us know your alternate ideas!

I just want her back with R.Patz :(

Nothing but the best for Kristen!

Who do you want to see Kristen Stewart dating next? Elaborate in the comments below!

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