Who Should Replace the American Idol Judges For 2014?
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Who Should Replace the American Idol Judges For 2014?

We’ve been weighing in on whether American Idol should replace the judges for 2014 and, with (possibly) the exception of Keith Urban, we say wipe the slate clean.

Despite the extraordinary talent of the women on season 12, this year has been a bit of a debacle. Many had already sworn off this season before it even began after hearing that profanity-laced tirade take place between
Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Add to that the fact that Randy Jackson has a terrible “been there, done that” feeling about him, and there has to be a collective eye-roll with viewers at home every time we hear “She’s in it to win it!”

But the question remains who should replace the American Idol judges in 2014? Our first pick would be Carrie Underwood. She’s already expressed interest in judging on X Factor, which doesn’t have nearly the star power of Idol. Plus, she was their season four winner, after all! Here’s the thing if they were to get Carrie, we’d have to say bid adieu to Keith, as she’d have that whole country genre covered.

We might even suggest that they go with another American Idol alum, like Constantine Maroulis or Adam Lambert. They both have extensive musical backgrounds and have had impressive careers since their time on the show. They’re also both very charismatic. And, yet, they’re not enormous stars, which the show supposedly wants to stay away from next year.

Perhaps the final person would be someone who has had a ton of songwriting experience, like One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder. Plus, he has a lot of experience in working with American Idol alums in his extensive career. He recently graced their stage with Katharine McPhee, who he also teamed up with on her show, Smash.

What do you think of our panel? What would your dream panel of judges for American Idol 2014 look like?