American Idol 2014: Who Should Win Season 13?
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American Idol

American Idol 2014: Who Should Win Season 13?

Tonight’s the night we find out who our American Idol Season 13 winner is! But before we break out the confetti (and hankies, to dry our inevitable tears), votes still need to be counted, elaborate duets with superstars need to be sung, and we need to make our official prediction about whether we think Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene will be crowned tonight.

After last night’s performances, we are unhappy to report that we still feel like the competition could go either way at this point. Both contestants obviously deserve the prize, considering the fact that they are both crazy talented. And as the judges have said many, many times, comparing Jena and Caleb is like comparing apples and oranges — they’re just not in the same category.

That being said, we have a feeling in the pit of our stomach that Jena will go back to her Idol hotel a winner tonight. Why? First of all, her reprise of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” gave both J.Lo and us goosies, and we weren’t even experiencing Jena’s song live! And since the show is called American Idol, we’re obviously looking for someone who is not only talented, but also ready to put out an album and go all mega star on us. Jena, who has more stage presence and more personality, seems like the best bet.

How will America vote? We’re not sure. The way the votes go surprise us from time to time. We do know that we will be on the edge of our seats tonight as we wait for Ryan Seacrest to deliver the news. May both contestants see a bright future in music that they obviously deserve!

So who do you think it will be: Jena or Caleb?