Who Thinks Ian Somerhalder Is a “Pretty Boy”?
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Ian Somerhalder

Who Thinks Ian Somerhalder Is a “Pretty Boy”?

Is Ian Somerhalder a pretty boy? Actor/director Noel Clarke seems to think so. The Brit — who we will always think fondly of as Mickey from new Doctor Who — directed and co-starred with Ian in The Anomaly, a sci-fi thriller opening in the UK on the Fourth of July. Hear what Noel had to say about the Vampire Diaries star at a special screening earlier this week...

''People weren't expecting [Ian] to be physical because he's quite a pretty boy, but he was a dude and got in there and did all the fight scenes. He was great,” Noel told BANG Showbiz at London's Ham Yard Hotel last night. We’re totally not surprised. Ian plays a vampire serial killer nine months of the year, and Damon Salvatore isn’t exactly known for his restraint.

If a movie starring Mickey Smith and Damon Salvatore sounds like the best thing ever, you may be right. Check out this plot: The Anomaly is about a former soldier Ryan, played by Noel, who wakes up in a van with only a few moments to determine how he got there. This probably has something to do with the fact that Ryan is only aware of his actions in nine minute bursts, every few days or so.

Intrigued yet? Ian’s role in the film is as a dapper-yet-mysterious man Ryan is somehow connected to Ryan’s life — and who could be evil? We’re just spitballing here. We’re purposefully keeping ourselves in the dark on this one, as it sounds like the best way to experience a film that Ian described as Memento meets The Bourne Identity. Throw some Ian Somerhalder into the mix, and we’re so there.

Do you think Ian is a pretty boy? Do you want to see this film? Sound off in the comments below!

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