Who Took Beth Greene?! 3 Theories After The Walking Dead Season 4 “Alone”
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Who Took Beth Greene?! 3 Theories After The Walking Dead Season 4 “Alone”

So Beth just disappeared into a black car on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13, “Alone.” Who took her (if she was even kidnapped/taken at all) and why?

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) were having a long, lingering moment (sorry, Caryl shippers) when Daryl opened the door to their funeral home shelter, thinking the cute dog was outside. Nope, it was a huge number of walkers (who apparently didn’t make a lot of noise). Daryl and Beth got separated while Daryl was fighting off walkers. Outside, he saw Beth’s stuff on the ground — looking like it was dropped in a rush — and a black car with a white cross on the back quickly drove away.

That’s scary stuff. We don’t know the story here, but the Walking Dead comics may give us some hints. So here are three theories about who took our little moonshiner.

1. Gareth

Gareth is a new character coming in the second half of Season 4 and he’s meant to have an important role. He may also be continuing into Season 5. Since we’re already up to Episode 14 and no such guy has emerged, it might make sense to think whoever is with Beth is Gareth. Gareth will be played by Andrew J. West, who is young and attractive. You never know… Gareth is meant to be a remix of someone from the comic books, so that might be...

2. Father Gabriel Stokes

The car had a cross on the back, and it’s possible it was driven by whoever was living in that funeral home. That person was clean and kind to dead people, treating them with respect. If the person who “took” Beth is a version of Gabriel, that wouldn’t be too bad a thing. Gabriel is a preacher Rick and company meet on the road to Washington, D.C. in the comics, right around this point. The context is different on TV, but let’s hope this person is a version of Gabriel, because he probably won’t eat Beth.

3. Chris/one of The Hunters

Will Beth turn into 112 ounces of pudding for some cannibal survivors? Chris is the leader of The Hunters in the comics. They are survivors who resort to cannibalism to survive. Did they see that Beth was weak and pounce? We hope not, but it’s possible. It’s not like we haven’t been waiting for that storyline to emerge.

Whatever's happening, don't expect quick answers. The Hollywood Reporter asked Lauren Cohan (Maggie) what she could say about Beth's apparent abduction; how worried should fans be for Beth and Daryl? "That's going to be a really good point of suspicion for a while," Lauren said, "there's not going to be a quick resolve to that situation. It gets very scary. This whole situation that Daryl has found himself in gets really scary. We should be pretty worried about everyone."

THR asked if whoever kidnapped Beth might be connected to the group of marauders with Daryl. "I don't actually know yet, that's how scary it is!" Lauren said. "I don't like the sound of this group at all or what's happened to Beth. It's very creepy." The guys with Daryl didn't seem to have a car, but it's possible.

What are your theories about what happened to Beth? Do you think we'll end up seeing her at Terminus, maybe on the season finale when "many paths collide," or will this mystery carry over into Season 5? Tell us your thoughts below!

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