Who Was Eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice on April 15, 2012?
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Who Was Eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice on April 15, 2012?

Now that Lou Ferrigno is gone, it’s inevitable that Lisa Lampanelli’s snark level would build up and reach critical mass. This week, her stand up routine was anything but funny as the celebrities scrambled to put together a comedy show of their own.

This week, The Don(ald) assigned the two teams one of the strangest tasks to date, but not before switching up the teams again, sending poor Clay Aiken right into the Forte crossfire, and breaking up the Clarsenio bromance, before it could even really get started.

Once we dealt with that blow, we got down to the serious business: puppets. For this challenge, the two teams had to construct and operate two original characters for Jim Henson’s live puppet show for adults, “Stuffed and Unstrung.”

With Lisa as project manager, it’s no surprise that the stuffing was flying from the first string pull. Not only did she completely ignore Dayana Mendoza, she went into a totes inappropriate imitation of a ‘Latina’ puppet, earning a stink eye from the Venezuelan beauty and us at home.

Lisa couldn’t even give Dayana her puppet props for making the animated characters, leading us to believe that the “Queen of Mean” had finally taken it too far.

Over on Team Unanimous, they didn’t seem to be faring much better. With project manager Paul Teutul out of commission because of a bad back , the other three had to pull it together somehow.

In an out of character move, Aubrey O’Day actually stepped back and let her teammates take over the task.

Unfortunately, a puppet show wouldn’t be complete without a few dummies, and this week our sweet Teresa Giudice more than fit the bill. Not quite able to grasp the concept of improv, or even basic naming, we were left wondering who had stuffing for brains, her or her fabulous “Fabulina” puppet.

Both teams somehow pulled off a fairly humorous show, and in the boardroom, after some crocodile tears from Lisa, we found out that she and Team Forte had actually won.

Choosing to bring back Aubrey and Teresa, Paul seemed to be phoning it in. Unable to even muster up enough energy to defend himself in front of the executives, he was sent packing, in the most drama-free firing all season.