Bachelorette 2013: Who Was Eliminated on June 10, 2013?
Credit: ABC with graphic by Julia Wayne for Wetpaint    

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: Who Was Eliminated on June 10, 2013?

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock has whittled her pile of men down to a baker's dozen, sending three studs packing for various reasons. In an episode full of balls — dodgeballs, that is — and also a few bawls, it looks like these guys just weren't strong enough to be Des's man.

First there was Brian Jarosinski, who wasn't even strong enough to dump his girlfriend, Stephanie Larimore, before trying out for the show. Keep it classy, dude. Thankfully, Des and Chris Harrison put this guy in his place: The curb.

That left two eliminations in Des's rose ceremony. Sadly, though Dan Cox rallied through an embarrassing pants-splitting incident during the cowboy-themed group date, he didn't make the cut. To his credit, Dan took it like a champ. On the other hand, Brandon Andreen... well, he took it a little personally when Des deflowered him.

After telling Des he was falling in love with her — keep in mind they'd been alone for maybe a total of 15 minutes so far — we knew it was all over for this super-sensitive soul. Desiree, sweetheart that she is, felt it was only right to send Brandon home sooner rather than later, knowing the feeling wasn't mutual. Nevertheless, it looks like you can't be too careful with Brandon's fragile butterfly heart. His abandonment issues (which he shared at length in their brief convos this episode) rose to the surface after the Bachelorette's final rose went to Ben Scott.

Do you think Des made the right choices, or did she make a huge mistake?