Who Was Fired from Celebrity Apprentice on April 22, 2012?
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Who Was Fired from Celebrity Apprentice on April 22, 2012?

This week, the celebrities were treated to an inside look into Trump’s, um, eccentrically decorated apartment where he gave the remaining seven their usual mentally agonizing task: creating a Macy’s in-store display and slogan for the new eau de Trump, “Success,” which we imagine smells something like a mix of self-tanner and self-obsession.

The celebrities really had to dig deep with this one, since “success” was a concept that most hadn’t been familiar with for a long time.

Things were all topsy turvy over on Team Forte when Penn Jillette actually decided to pitch in, taking over and even staying for the entire episode, which had project manager Clay Aiken itching to leave. Weirder still was comedienne Lisa Lampanelli’s decision to play nice, filing down her claws this week, and positively gushing about teammate Dayana Mendoza’s work.

On Team Unanimous, after some, eh, bonding exercises between Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day, the red haired ringmaster still somehow continued to butt heads with the late night legend.

Sending both Arsenio and Teresa Giudice on some sort of wild goose chase for supplies, Aubrey set to work multi-tasking like a champ, splitting her time between kissing up to Eric Jr., throwing her teammates under the bus, and legitimately comparing herself to billionaire real estate mogul Trump.

Presenting their displays, Aubrey took the wheel for Unanimous, raving about her “Always Trust Your Instincts” slogan, while Forte went with “You Earned It,” overshadowed by a gorgeous ad starring stunner Dayana that the teammates unfortunately thought spoke for itself-as they didn’t really have anything prepared beyond that.

Back in the boardroom, the Aubrey made sure to take all the credit for her brainchild while her teammates looked on in confusion and exasperation. But, it didn’t seem to matter because Trump informed them that Forte’s slogan went over like a lead balloon with the executives, naming Aubrey and company the winner.

After Trump made it rain, promising money to each of the contestants’ charities, Clay brought back Dayana and Penn. And despite being one of the best, least crazy competitors this season, Penn was sent packing.

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