Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on April 8, 2012?
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Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on April 8, 2012?

After a loaded episode last week, the celebrities had to deal with the sudden diva departure of Aubrey O’Day and the even more melodramatic meltdown of Arsenio Hall.

Stepping up to rep her fellow females, Lisa Lampanelli called the late night legend out on his inappropriate language, and then went off on one of her own trademark tirades, leaving it none too obvious that she was not happy that she was left with Mr. Hulk and Miss Universe on her team.

But there was little time for belly aching, as this week brought a new company to promote and a new challenge to overdramatize. After the sudden reappearance of Aubrey (who came back, of course, for her charity, and not the camera time), we found out the teams had to create and direct a 60 second commercial promoting couponing website, Entertainment.com. Dayana, tired of Lisa’s barbs, took on the role of project manager, along with our favorite jersey girl, Teresa.

Team Unanimous went with a fairly strange setup, setting up a cringe worthy moment of a father walking in on his daughter during an, um, intimate moment (awkies). Taking on the role of the dad, Paul Teutul looked less like the American Chopper, and more like an American chump, though in the most adorkable way.

Forte seemed to save their awkward moments for behind the camera, with Lou fancying himself the next Scorsese, giving Dayana his pearls of directing wisdom, leaving Lisa to give the camera her massive eye rolls, and Penn to duck out early again to go make an actual living.

Once inside the boardroom, Lisa’s patience with Lou seemed to be thinner than The Donald’s comb over, as she finally blew up at him in a bleep filled back and forth that ended with Lou admitting he liked Team Unanimous’ commercial better than his own.

Well it looks like Lou was right, because the executives picked Unanimous’ risque commercial, and after some banter, Dayana chose the instigators Lou and Lisa to head back to the boardroom.

In the end, it seemed the Hulk had thrown his last punch, and after a last ditch effort to be spared, he was finally given the boot, hopefully lifting some dead weight from Team Forte’s shoulders.

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