Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on March 18, 2012?
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Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on March 18, 2012?

In this week’s Celebrity Apprentice assignment, the celebs had to create a viral video for floor cleaning company O-Cedar’s latest product, the Pro-Mist spray mop.

Both Lou Ferrigno and Tia Carrere realized that the pressure was on and took on the role of project manager for their respective teams, knowing that they either had to step up or ship out.

Creating the video was easier said than done, with The Donald only giving them one day to finish the entire task. The girls went a little risque and fell back on the old adage that “sex sells”, choosing a tongue-in-cheek “what is your number?” theme.

Meanwhile, the boys struggled to come up with an original idea, finally settling on a dance number that landed The Hulk in an apron.

During the challenge, a loss of confidence in the concept caused a bit of mutiny on the women's team and some mean-girl whispering behind Tia’s back, while the men had to deal with Penn’s hurt ego.

Back in the boardroom, the men all rallied behind their team leader, but the girls weren’t nearly as unified, instead calling out Tia’s management style as weak and ineffectual.

Though the women’s suggestive video was entertaining, the executives felt it was no match for Lou’s fancy footwork and awarded the victory to Team Unanimous.

Once the men left, the girls got down to business and took turns throwing each other under the bus in order to avoid the inevitable pink slip, resulting in some outrageous mud slinging from the girls’ side of the table.

Rather than continue the catty call outs, Tia decided to assume all responsibility for the loss, and was fired by Trump.

What do you guys think about tonight’s episode? Did the right person go home?

03.19.2012 / 07:38 PM EDT by Chelsea Sanders
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