Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on March 25, 2012?
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Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on March 25, 2012?

This week, the Celebrity Apprentice contestants got familiar with Crystal Light’s new ‘Mock’tails.

The teams were tasked with throwing a launch party for their two news flavors, the Pomtini and the Peach Bellini.

Standouts Aubrey O’Day and Clay Aiken finally took on the project leader role, easily shifting into management mode once given the chance.

The men of Team Unanimous set out to create a beach bellini bash, complete with indoor sandbox and seaside decor, while the girls decided to go Biblical, creating a modern garden of low calorie delights.

The boys’ party ended up looking more like a scene out of a fun, if low budget, spring break movie, while the girls sophisticated presentation featured a top-shelf ambiance and an original song by Debbie Gibson.

Somewhat surprisingly, the executives handed the victory to Team Unanimous, citing the fact that the girls didn’t quite bring together their branding like the boys.

In the boardroom, project manager Aubrey took the loss hard, prompting The Donald to give an extra $10,000 to her charity, GLSEN, out of the goodness of his billionaire heart.

After the warm fuzzy moment, Aubrey put on her game face, and decided to bring back Venezuelan vamps Patricia and Dayana.

Each gave it their best sell, but given the girls’ signage snafu, the ax fell on Patricia Velasquez, who took the bad news in stride, leaving Team Forte to contemplate their back-to-back (to back) losses.

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