Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on May 13, 2012?
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Who Was Fired From Celebrity Apprentice on May 13, 2012?

When we last left our aspiring apprentices,The Donald was moments away from dashing one of the celebrities’ dreams of five minutes of international stardom and then immediate irrelevance.

After some small talk, the indomitable Aubrey O’Day was sent packing (rolling her eyes all the way down the exit elevator), leaving brosephs Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken to duke it out for the chance to be dubbed Celebrity Apprentice.

For their final and most challenging task, Arsenio and Clay were asked to put together a multi-platform celebrity charity event. Clearly not wanting to raise the show’s entertainment budget any further than he had to, Trump chose to enlist the help of a number of the former booted contestants to help staff the “all star” variety show.

With the help of such heavyweights as Debbie Gibson and Adam Carolla, the two finalists had to create an awareness PSA for their respective charities, produce a variety show at which to debut it, and sell tickets to the ensuing masterpiece.

Clearly still smarting after his American Idol loss about ten years ago, Clay dove in to this task with a vengeance. The anxious singer decided on a carnival theme, which worked perfectly, considering the whole thing seemed like a bit of a circus, with the lovable Aubrey bogarting the role of ringmaster, while he ran around the city looking for a piece of grass to film his video (good luck, it’s New York).

On the other side of town, Arsenio “I even got a laugh at a funeral” Hall, was considerably calmer. Going with a “when they were young” throwback themed PSA, he dressed his team up in full on ‘80s camp clothing, all to be topped off by a supposed cameo by Magic Johnson, the face of Arsenio’s charity.

All throughout this chaos, the celebrities were forced to get on the horn and cash in on every favor they had, and some they certainly pretended to have, to raise money for the event, adding yet another level of potential failure to the mix.

By the end of the episode, with Clay questioning Debbie Gibson’s cousin’s mural painting abilities, and Arsenio was dealing with the unusable footage of the side of Magic’s ear and elbow, neither guy seemed to have a command of their event or their team.

But we’ll have to wait until next week’s finale to see who pulled it off, and who will have to hear the words “You’re Fired!” in front a live studio audience.

05.14.2012 / 09:04 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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