Who Went Home on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 3?
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The Bachelor

Who Went Home on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 3?

Dates are fun to watch, especially when they involve arepas and head games, but the best part of every episode is, of course, the Rose Ceremony. Or, at least, the frozen smiles on the girls’ faces as they wait to see whether or not they’ll get a rose. The looks to the sky? The silent sighs? The self-satisfied grins? Classic.

But while every girl did her best pageant smile for as long as she could stand it, two were left sobbing in awkward interviews in the end. With only one rose left, Christy Hansen, Danielle Ronco, and Lucy Aragon remained. Meaning, Lucy and Christy had to high-tail it out of dodge, right on the cusp of the big plane trips to the first post-Mansion destination.

The gorgeous, teary-eyed Christy blamed her departure on her inability to be open. We think maybe her sequined romper had something to do with it. Lucy, meanwhile, probably had to stop and pick up the half-dozen dresses the other girls borrowed from her for the Rose Ceremony. “I hope that everyone here finds exactly what they’re looking for, because every person here deserves to find love,” she cried tearfully. It was reminiscent of a Kenneth Parcell anger speech, and made us love her even more.

Are you surprised that Lucy and Christy were sent home tonight? Want to know who goes home next week? Or who will be standing there in the end, hand-in-hand with our Bachelor boy?

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