Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home on Season 18 Episode 4 in South Korea?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home on Season 18 Episode 4 in South Korea?

Juan Pablo Galavis is pretty much oblivious to outsiders when he’s spending time with each of his lady friends. And while we’ve been privy to some of the secret moments he spends with the gaggle of gals, we have no idea what pushed him over the edge with two girls in South Korea tonight. At the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, Elise Mosca and Lauren Solomon didn’t get to touch his precious flower.

“It’s a tough night, because whoever doesn’t get a rose has to fly back 12 hours,” Juan Pablo pointed out. Perhaps he was reliving his own flight on The Bachelorette Season 9 when Desiree Hartsock sent him home from Barcelona, Spain, after a soccer group date didn’t score him a rose.

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home on Season 18 Episode 4 in South Korea?
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

Elise spent part of her 1-on-1 time suggesting that he should open his eyes to the girls who aren’t ready to be mothers. He was all, “yeah, thanks, bye.” But the Lauren time made us a little sad, honestly, since she had just cried into his V-neck during a group date after-party. Making things even worse? She did so after asking to kiss him and getting rejected. His reasoning, that he has a daughter, was thin at best since he’s already made out sloppily with six other girls. Add to that the fact that he kissed Clare Crawley like five seconds later, and it just feels worse.

In the Rose Ceremony, Renee Oteri nabbed the first rose, and with one rose left and three girls, he gave his final flower to Kat Hurd.

“I’m bummed. This sucks. I really want it to be him, but it’s not,” Elise reflected as she traipsed off in her gold mini skirt-green overlay dress concoction. “My mom didn’t want me to be around such ugly people… and I’m talking ugly. Not outside, but inside,” she sobbed.

Lauren kept things together a little better than on the previous night, with all the girls watching her as she made her way out of the temple of doom where she was dismissed with prejudice. It was awkward.

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