Bachelorette 2013: Who Went Home in Munich?
Credit: ABC with graphic by Julia Wayne for Wetpaint    

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: Who Went Home in Munich?

You know how it goes when you date 11 guys and take them on an international flight to Munich: Sometimes it gets weird. Desiree Hartsock learned that on Season 9, Episode 5 when her fairy tale came crashing down around her thanks to a couple very specific circumstances.

First, while she was on a lovely 1-on-1 date with Chris Siegfried, Iraq war veteran Bryden Vukasin decided he couldn’t stand to be there any longer. But rather than wait until Des had finally had some much needed solo time with the Seattle-based former baseball player, he crashed their date. Interrupting their “polka dancing” (thank you for that, BTW), Bryden told Des he wasn’t feeling it and had a long time to think on the plane, and then he peaced out. Yikes. Luckily, she bounced back and had a great time with Chris and his poems.

Second to leave was occasional villain
Ben Scott, who made us all suffer through a 2-on-1 date with attorney Michael Garofola. While Mike’s grilling came on pretty strong, calling out Ben’s parenting skills and faith, it was Ben who Des “couldn’t see a future with,” and Michael who got the rose. On his limo ride outta dodge, Ben shattered his “Southern gentleman” image, saying that ABC lost him as a future Bachelor, he couldn’t wait to go date someone else, and he needed to get drunk STAT. Double yikes.

Last to go on the episode was
meathead non-meathead Mikey Tenerelli, who couldn’t make Des dream about their three snow children. He took the news better than Ben, but was still miffed that Des didn’t want a “nice guy who was raised right,” like himself. Better luck next time, Mikey. We’re sure you’ll come out on top. And based on the way you beat around the bush on a question, we’re thinking a pageant girl or politician might be in your future...