Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight on Episode 6 in New Zealand?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight on Episode 6 in New Zealand?


Sorry, just kidding. At this point in the season, we’re kind of numb to the pain of Juan Pablo Galavis’s mistakes dismissal of the great girls on The Bachelor. His wishy-washy love-ambivalence feelings about his contestants aside, we have to discuss what he did tonight.

First, he pulled sweet, gorgeous Cassandra Ferguson aside on the group date and told her to GTFO. Except, you know, in his signature tender way. We’re a little shocked that it was on her freaking BIRTHDAY, but oh well. She took it pretty well, but we’ll definitely miss her sunny disposition and general hotness.

Later, he talked to Chris Harrison about his dismissal of her, explaining “Cassandra, she’s an amazing woman. She’s beautiful, she’s smart. And I was like ‘Cassandra, she might be the one. Let me give it another week...’ But the chemistry with some of the other woman was stronger.”

At the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo said goodbye to one other gorgeous dancing queen, Kat Hurd. As Chelsie put it, “If I were to stick around, that would leave Kat to go home. And that’s a good feeling.” Turns out, she was right, as she nabbed the last rose while Kat was thrown back on a plane and sent outta there. Journal about that, Kat.

On her way out, our girl Kat reflected, “I think the problem is my whole life I’ve been told how great I am, and what a great catch I am, and here I sit.” Don’t ever change, Kat.

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