X Factor 2013: Who Went Home? — November 13 Live Shows
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Who Went Home? — November 13 Live Shows

It’s always tough to lose a talented member of the X Factor 2013 crew, and the November 13 elimination wasn’t any easier. Though we were prepared for someone to leave, we’d be lying if we expected it to be Carlos Guevara. But it was, and he’s outskies, and it’s all your fault! But actually, it is.

Carlos has captivated us since he first appeared on The X Factor, sharing his story of overcoming Tourette syndrome through the power of music. Since then, he’s been rocking our socks each week, but apparently America didn’t feel the same. During this rough week of Live Shows, three will be eliminated — since the judges brought Josh Levi back as a wildcard — and losing Carlos was only the first step.

As you’ll remember, the Top 13 had to perform twice last week, because of a voting glitch. On Wednesday, Carlos gave a beautiful performance of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” But due to the errors in the democratic process (What are you, Fox, Florida in the 2000 election? We’ll be here all week..), the votes we’re sure poured in for him on November 6 were null, and he didn’t get enough on November 7 with his rendition of Damien Rice’s “Cannonball.”

Tragic, if you ask us, but we’re so happy we got to meet Carlos on the small screen, and look forward to seeing what comes next from the talented young singer.

What do you think, guys, did the right person go home? Weigh in below!

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