X Factor 2013: Who Went Home? — November 14 Double Elimination
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X Factor 2013: Who Went Home? — November 14 Double Elimination

We knew a double elimination was likely seeing as the amazing Josh Levi was brought back to X Factor as a wildcard, but the knowing doesn't make it any easier. After already losing Carlos Guevara during the November 13 show, it's hard to say goodbye again less than 24 hours later. Ah well. Here we go.

The first to depart: Sweet Suspense! The girl group from Simon's team just didn't bring in the votes with their '80s night performance of Toni Basil's "Mickey". "I can't believe it. I thought they were fantastic last night," Simon said moments after the reveal. "There were worst people than you last night."

After a painful goodbye, we tried to enjoy Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony's performances but honestly, it's hard to focus when there's still one elimination to go! Eventually we got to the "Save Me" showdown between Khaya Cohen and Rachel Potter.

Khaya gave the "Save Me" song her best shot with Joe Cocker's "Don't Give Up On Me" while Rachel sang "From This Moment" by Shania Twain (she did say last night she wanted to be a country artist).

Whose dreams came true? The judges had a tough choice to make with Kelly choosing to send Khaya home, Paulina picking Rachel, Khaya's judge Demi picking Rachel, and Simon making the final decision by picking Rachel. That means Khaya lives to see another X Factor while Rachel's got to book it back to Nashville.

These back-to-back eliminations leave the teams standing as follows:

Boys (Paulina Rubio): Carlito Olivero, Tim Olstad, Josh Levi

Girls (Demi Lovato): Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige, Khaya Cohen

Over 25s (Kelly Rowland): Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud

Groups (Simon Cowell): Restless Road, Alex & Sierra

What do you make of the decision? Good call or totally blindsided? Sound off in the comments below!

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