Bachelorette 2013: Who Went Home in Portugal on July 8?
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Bachelorette 2013: Who Went Home in Portugal on July 8?

Poor Desiree Hartsock. Girlfriend had a rough night in Portugal, full of “I love you”s and poems and confusing her parts of speech. It’s no wonder that in the end of the episode, it felt like she rushed through her final elimination before Hometown Dates on July 15.

With five guys left and only four roses — including the one she gave to Drew Kenney during a 2-on-1 that also featured Zak Waddell — she had a super tough choice to make. Except it didn’t really seem that way.

Bachelorette 2013: Who Went Home in Portugal on July 8?
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She spent her 1-on-1 with Brooks Forester talking about Cloud Nine-y everything was, laughing small teethedly while he ducked down and into her tiny car, and barely restraining the L word from her lips, so it was no surprise when he got the first rose in the Rose Ceremony.

Also nabbing an immediate rose was Chris Siegfried, who has now written her about 83 poems if our wine is correct (we have to drink a bottle every time we’re glad we’re not hanging out with them alone). Des told Chris Harrison during their pre-RC pep talk that she could see herself spending her life with him. You know, if things with Brooks don’t work out... At least, that’s how it felt, since she led with an obvious tell about her feelings for the marketing exec from Utah.

The final rose came down to Zak, who finger painted Des pictures (possibly using condiments left over from his tapas in Spain as paint) of the places they had gone, or Michael Garofola, who showed the Bachelorette his softer side on their date. Although the solo date looked fine, we couldn’t help but notice that Desiree’s other 1-on-1s revolved less around the activities and more around spending time together. In contrast, Michael’s was chock full of quickly moving transportation, lots of brightly colored food, and little chance for them to just sit and be together.

We weren’t surprised, then, that it was prosecutor Michael who was sent home. But apparently homeskillz got the only good adios edit of the season, with his parting left to sweet words for Des (aww) and a limo ride dedicated to calling his mom (so cute) to tell her he got dumped (yikes). Are you sad to see Michael go? Want to know who goes home next week after Hometown Dates? Grab a bottle of wine and write a poem about it.