Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight in Miami on Episode 7?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight in Miami on Episode 7?

Well. That was awkward. Juan Pablo Galavis has a knack for making things that are already tough really tough, and tonight was no exception. The worst part for us? Saying goodbye to Sharleen Joynt, who has been the most unique Bachelor contestant of all time, bar none.

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight in Miami on Episode 7?
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After her sexy 1-on-1 with Juan Pablo, on which they made out forever on a yacht, then made out some more, she decided that he just isn’t right for her and she didn’t want to take him home to Canada to meet her family. Maybe it had something to do with him saying “I like the way you talk” and her responding, “I wish I was dumber.” That shoulda been a clue, Juan Pabs… No matter what the tipping point was, she told the other girls about her decision, then hopped an elevator to his hotel room.

Their goodbye was an emotional one, as she apologized for wasting his time, cried into his V-neck, and then made him cry a little. Juan Pablo, meanwhile, wiped away her tears, assured her he was just happy to meet her in the first place, and held her tenderly until she said her goodbyes. Adios para siempre, Juan Sharlo!

As for the only actual elimination, well, that was a little sad too, but not a huge surprise. After Andi Dorfman got the group date rose, and the second half of the group date, Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell, Renee Oteri, and Chelsie Webster were the only girls eligible for elimination. There was no way he was going to cut Nikki after introducing her to his daughter, ex, and parents, so that really only left Clare, Renee, and Chelsie.

Bachelor 2014: Who Went Home Tonight in Miami on Episode 7?
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Unfortunately for 24-year-old Ohio girl Chelsie, it was her head on the chopping block. Though she spent a little time with JPG on the beach of their private island, reading cards from her family, she hadn’t really spent a lot of time with him since Episode 3’s 1-on-1. With only one rose left, Renee scooped it, and Chelsie was left bummin.

Juan Pablo walked her out, holding her hand and crying a little. “I had a great time, you know that right,” Chelsie told JPG. She continued to reassure him... and it was really weird. Then, the only girl not dressed in a neon bandage mini hopped in a limo and back to her real life, crying all the way. “I just want my partner in crime. I want that person.” She also said she was glad he felt that sad about leaving her, but we have to think that a little of the Mesnick in his eyes was due to the Shar-less future he was imagining — not that Chelsie isn’t the girl we’d love to be best friends with forever. And hey, come to think of it, we have a brother she should meet...

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