Who Will Andi Dorfman Pick? 5 Traits Her Bachelorette Winner Must Have
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The Bachelorette

Who Will Andi Dorfman Pick? 5 Traits Her Bachelorette Winner Must Have

We don’t yet know who Andi Dorfman picks on The Bachelorette Season 10, but the star of the soon-to-premiere season of the ABC rose-rich show has some needs. Are you ready with a pen, guys? Because you’re going to want to write this down, if you want a chance with Andi Dorfman.

There are 25 guys competing for her final rose on the July 28 show finale, and they may just be the hottest group of dudes ever gathered under one roof. But is that enough for a high class girl like 27-year-old Andi? Nah, of course not.

Andi told Modern Luxury that she’s looking for quite a lot in a mate. Here’s a rundown:

1. Confident, Not Cocky: Knowing you’re awesome is great, but telling everyone how awesome you are is something different altogether.

2. Athletic: There are several fellas in her brood of boys who have a background in soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. In fact, a couple have played on traveling teams and one even has a family legacy of kicking butt on the gridiron.

3. Smarter Than Your Average Bear: Andi said she wants someone who “knows how to change a light bulb,” meaning she’s ready for whatever jelly they can throw her way. We don’t want another Juan Pablo/Sharleen Joynt situation on our hands, so read up, boys…

4. Faithful: Andi listed one of her biggest turn-offs as cheaters, so scrubs need not apply. While she’ll have to make out with at least a half dozen of these fellas to find the right one (hardships), the guy she chooses better not be trying anything similar. Plus, remember that time JPG told her he’d already been with Clare? That didn’t turn out great...

5. Ready to Fight: Andi knows she’s feisty, and we saw her in full force when she went toe to toe with J.Pablo, so we’re really not joking on this one. It’s more than just OK to be willing to fight about it -- it may just be the distinguishing factor that sets attorney Andi apart. Sharpen your tongues, boys, this is no time to be tame.

What else do you think Andi’s looking for from her winning guy?

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