Who Will Die By the End of Pretty Little Liars Season 2?
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Who Will Die By the End of Pretty Little Liars Season 2?

Before Pretty Little Liars Season 2’s winter premiere in January, we posted a spoiler indicating that someone will die by the end of the season, and we think it’s time for some updated speculation.

Back then, our top three guesses for this season’s victim were Garrett (Yani Gellman), Lucas (Brendan Robinson), and Jason (Drew Van Acker).

Now, with only five more episodes left in the season, we’re refreshing our roster:

Mona Vanderwall (Janel Parrish): As most PLL fans know, Mona was “A” in the PLL books, and members of the cast and crew have already confirmed that “A” will not be the same person as it was in the books. Thus, Mona is pretty much out of the suspect pool. In previews for next week’s episode (Season 2, Episode 21: “Breaking the Code”), we see that Mona will be threatened by “A,” and freak out about it. Could “A” kill her off? Mona is mostly an incidental character, anyway, despite her great one-liners and killer style.

Garrett: Speaking of incidental characters, the Little Liars’ story doesn’t really need Garrett in it anymore. It would be nice to get him off their backs, though judging from these sneak peek photos from Episode 24: “If These Dolls Could Talk,” he might not be on the force for much longer anyway.

Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) or her baby: Okay, Melissa is definitely one of our top “A” suspects, don’t get us wrong. But PLL producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan told Wetpaint Entertainment that the finale would be “heartbreaking.” If Melissa isn’t “A,” and the finale involves the Hastings family members, it’s possible that Melissa or her baby could be harmed. If Melissa is “A,” she might also be Ali’s (Sasha Pieterse) killer. Might Jason kill her in a fit of rage after realizing his own sister killed his own sister?

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