Who Will Discover Emily Thorne’s True Identity on Revenge Season 2?
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Who Will Discover Emily Thorne’s True Identity on Revenge Season 2?

Secrets are swapped like currency in the Hamptons, but the beachfront residents’ biggest secret is currently only known by seven living people.

Victoria Grayson and Co. would love to be privy to the true identity of Amanda Clarke, but Emily Thorne has done everything in her power to limit the range of that dangerous tidbit.

These seven characters know the truth behind the Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke swap:

Emily Thorne
Amanda Clarke
Nolan Ross
Satoshi Takeda (Emily’s Asian mentor)
Carole Miller (Nolan’s aunt and former Grayson Global employee)
Warden Sharon Stiles (Head of the juvenile correction center where Amanda stayed)
Ryan Huntley (Lawyer who worked for Victoria Grayson, but also helped Emily Thorne)

But according to a recent spoiler, a new character will uncover Emily Thorne’s true identity this season on Revenge.

Obviously, we’re hoping it’s Jack Porter, but things never work out the way they’re supposed to in this vengeance-fueled game, so we doubt these childhood sweethearts will reconnect anytime soon.

We think Charlotte Grayson may be the one to figure out her half-sister’s identity, which could lead her on a similar quest for revenge. From the looks of the siblings’ embrace in the Season 2 promo, Char is feeling some family loyalty that has nothing to do with the Grayson name.

But a show like Revenge always keeps you guessing, so it could honestly be any of our favorite characters!

Who do you think will figure out the mystery? Vote below!

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