Who Will Get Voted Off on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Semifinals? Ingo — Or a Shocker?
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Dancing With The Stars

Who Will Get Voted Off on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Semifinals? Ingo — Or a Shocker?

Has Dancing With the Stars ever had four celebs this talented on the same season?

Every season has at least one standout, sometimes dubbed a “ringer,” but Season 16 arguably had two out of the gate — Kellie Pickler and Zendaya Coleman — with Aly Raisman and Jacoby Jones sneaking up over time as legit threats to beat them. Aly and Jacoby even surpassed Z on the Week 9 Semifinals. (You know a season is packed with talent when an Olympian and a Super Bowl-winning football player are dark horses to win!) It’s almost an embarrassment of riches.


The one downside to such a talented group is they’ve been battling each other the whole season. We’ve always been heading toward this final four, it was just a matter of who would take fifth place on down. Plus, so far this season, the couple with the lowest score has gone home every week. No Bristol Palins making the Finals, no Sabrina Bryan shocking early boots. That would point to Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson going home on tomorrow’s May 14 Results Show, which we all could’ve predicted last week.

Too easy? Ripe for a shocker? Ready for the revenge of the underestimated? Or is everything actually happening as it should, for once? Everyone loves an underdog — especially one as sweet and fun as Ingo — but if Ingo & Kym do make it to the Finals, it would mean pushing out a more skilled couple. It wouldn’t just be shocking, you could argue it would be unfair.

What do you think? Wanna make a prediction that does not include the names Ingo or Kym?

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