Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home Next on Season 18, Week 5?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home Next on Season 18, Week 5?

This is going to be a weird one. Dancing With the Stars Season 18 will celebrate the magic of Disney on Week 5 (April 14) but that’s also when a couple will turn into pumpkins be eliminated, based on the past two weeks of dancing. We’ve only had two straight-up eliminations so far this season — the double dump on Week 2. On Week 3, Billy Dee Williams withdrew for health reasons, and no one went home on Switch Up Week 4.

Factoring in the Switch Up makes the elimination prediction even more complicated. The scores from Week 3, with the original couples, will be paired with the scores from the Week 4 “Switch” couples, and one of the original pairs will go home. But it’s hard to predict which pair might leave, especially when an early contender like Candace Cameron Bure is now at the bottom of the leaderboard. Could she really leave? Mark Ballas has seen his share of early eliminations with strong dancers, so it’s possible.

People at the bottom are sometimes saved, because they look like they need help. Candace was only at the bottom on Week 4, though; Drew Carey was at the bottom on Week 3, so fans may have gone into voting overdrive to save him last week, and her this week. Could that be bad news for NeNe Leakes? With the combined scores from both weeks, Candace is at the bottom with a total of 60, but Drew and NeNe are tied above her with 63. That’s not much of a difference.

It feels like the elimination may be between NeNe, Drew, and Candace, with Drew or NeNe as the most likely options to go next. Then again, Julianne Hough said Drew had a “turning point” with his Cha-Cha-Cha, and Len Goodman said NeNe’s Jazz was her best dance so far. Candace is the one who hit a Switch Up bump with her Quickstep, but she seemed underscored with 7s, and she has so much potential.

Here’s the leaderboard, combining both weeks in question:

Meryl & Maks — 39 + Meryl & Val — 39 = 78

James & Peta — 36 + James & Cheryl — 35 = 71

Amy & Derek — 36 + Amy & Mark — 34 = 70

Charlie & Sharna — 36 + Charlie & Peta — 33 = 69

Danica & Val — 36 + Danica & Maks — 32 = 68

Cody & Witney — 35 + Cody & Sharna — 31 = 66

NeNe & Tony — 31 + NeNe & Derek — 32 = 63

Drew & Cheryl — 30 + Drew & Witney — 33 = 63

Candace & Mark — 32 + Candace & Tony — 28 = 60

Who do you predict as the Week 5 elimination? Candace, Drew, NeNe or one of the other celebs above them? Vote in the poll below!

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