Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home on Season 18, Week 3?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home on Season 18, Week 3?

Everyone was blindsided by the double elimination on Dancing With the Stars Season 18, Week 2, but it sounds like just one couple will leave on Week 3. It’s Most Memorable Year Week, and we’re looking forward to the personal stories, but it’s already been determined who will go home, based on the Monday night votes after Week 2.

Who will be leaving us? There’s only one couple way at the bottom — Billy Dee Williams and Emma Slater — but they were at the bottom on Week 1, too, and they were safe through the double dump. Was that a one-time-only save or did fans save them again?

Here’s the judges’ leaderboard after Week 2:

Meryl & Maks — 25

Charlie & Sharna — 25

James & Peta — 25

Danica & Val — 24

Amy & Derek — 24

Cody & Witney — 22

Candace & Mark — 21

NeNe & Tony — 21

Drew & Cheryl — 21

Billy Dee & Emma — 15

As you can see, there are three couples tied above Billy and Emma and everyone above them is close to the same score. So if Billy and Emma don’t go home, who will? At this point, we’re guessing it’s the end of the line for Billy and Emma, but we’re not happy to say it. He’s the ultimate underdog against such ridiculously stiff competition and it would be nice to think DWTS isn’t just a young, athletic person’s game. But we can’t think of anyone else who should go instead of them; it’s not like last week, when Billy may have earned some nostalgia votes with his Star Wars routine and maybe Sean Avery just didn’t connect with enough voters because he didn’t seem happy to be there.

Now it’s your turn. Who will go home? Vote in the poll below, and we’ll see if you’re right this Monday, March 31 on the Week 3 Performance Show.

It'll be someone else.

It will be Billy Dee!