Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home on Season 18, Week 6?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home on Season 18, Week 6?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18, Week 6 is dedicated to Party Anthems, but the party is already over for one of the remaining eight couples. They’ll still get to dance on Monday, April 21 but it’s too late to save them. The votes and scores from Week 5 have sealed everyone’s fates. It sounds so ominous, but that’s the way the ballroom cookie crumbles!

So far, Season 18 has been tough to predict with a double elimination on Week 2, a voluntary withdrawal on Week 3, no elimination on Week 4, and a surprise elimination last night for Week 5. We predicted NeNe Leakes or Drew Carey as the most likely options to leave on Disney Night (based on the previous two weeks of scores and votes) and instead it was Cody Simpson. If you saw that one coming, you win the set of steak knives!

The only common denominator so far this season is that no one on the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard has gone home. Will that streak continue or end on Monday?

Here’s the leaderboard after Week 5:

James & Peta — 40

Danica & Val — 39

Charlie & Sharna — 37

Amy & Derek — 37

NeNe & Tony — 36

Meryl & Maks — 36

Candace & Mark — 35

Drew & Cheryl — 28

Drew is back at the bottom (as he was on Week 3) but this time he actually has a seven-point gap between him and the next celeb, and a 12-point gap to the top. Is that enough to send Drew home? If not him, maybe Candace Cameron Bure? We worried for her when she was on the bottom last week, but in every other way Candace seems to be a great fit for this show. Still, Mark Ballas has been an early elimination victim before. Remember Sabrina Bryan?

What about NeNe and Tony Dovolani? They have their eyes on the Mirror Ball prize and they got their highest score to date this week. But some fans may have assumed she didn’t need their votes with such a good score, and maybe other viewers were turned off by her dramatic rehearsal package. What about Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who are tied with NeNe and Tony? That would be a shocking elimination, but we’ve seen people who are assumed to be safe head out the door time and time again.

At this point we’re going to guess Drew and Cheryl will be the first couple of Season 18 to be victims of the lowest score. Do you agree or do you have another couple in mind? NeNe and Tony? Candace and Mark? Other? Vote in the poll!

Drew's a gonner.

Next week will be another shocker.