Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home First on Week 2?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Who Will Go Home First on Week 2?

This is the toughest one. Someone has to go home first on Dancing With the Stars Season 18. It’s going to be sad, it’s going to be awkward, but it’s going to happen.

Everyone will dance again next Monday, but The Powers That Be already know which couple is going home right now. It will be based on the Week 1 scores and votes, the showrunner recently told TV Guide, explaining this season's voting/elimination change. We don't know who's leaving and the couples don't either, but it's already set in stone somewhere, as a way to adjust to life without a Results Show, so the judges' Week 2 scores don't unfairly influence the elimination results. (Read more about it here.)

So who will go home on Monday, March 23?

Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams has the lowest score with 15, and unfortunately he probably earned it. He didn't do much dancing out there. Then again, the guy is almost 77 and he has arthritis — and he brought Ewoks! He and Emma Slater, who is a goddess, turned the dance floor into a Star Wars nostalgia party. That may help them out. It also sometimes helps to be on the bottom because it's obvious that you need to be saved. Last season, the first guy at the bottom was Bill Nye, who really didn't dance much better than Billy, and he didn't go home until his body gave out and he left of his own accord. The first boot was Keyshawn Johnson, who was second from the bottom. So that fate could hit Diana Nyad, who danced well but not among the top celebs, and she didn't bring any Stormtroopers with her.

Then again in Season 16, the celebs with the lowest scores did go home one after the other, and the lowest-scoring celebs were also most in danger in Season 14. Tradition says Billy Dee will be the one to go home first. However, you never know when you're going to have the kind of voting like we had during the All-Stars season, when most of the time it felt completely random who would go home. The lowest-scoring people were fine, the middle-of-the-pack crowd was really in danger.

If Billy Dee and Diana seem like they need help and fans want to support them for even stepping out among so many younger athletes and ice dancers, they may decide not to support someone like, say, Sean Avery, who was just above Diana’s 18 with his score of 20. Sean didn't impress in his Contemporary as much as Candace Cameron Bure and Charlie White in theirs. Plus, the guy rarely smiles. Will fans warm up to him?

At this point, we're still guessing it's Billy or Diana for the first boot (sorry!) but we wouldn't be shocked if it was Sean instead. We would be a bit surprised to see anyone else go home, but this show loves surprises and we don't know where DWTS fans decided to place their premiere night votes.

So you tell us — who did you vote for this week, and who will go home first? Sound off below!