Bachelor 2014: Who Will Juan Pablo Galavis Pick?
Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram    

The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who Will Juan Pablo Galavis Pick?

Juan Pablo Galavis knows what he wants from a lady. This Venezuelan pro-soccer player is poised to meet the love of his life on ABC's The Bachelor (airing January 6, 2014), and he most definitely has a wish-list when it comes to the girl of his dreams.

Must Love Kids
Don't forget that Juan Pablo's a single dad with a four-year-old daughter named Camila. He's made it clear that his future wife needs to love kids just as much as he does, and even took it to  The Bachelorette's “After The Final Rose” special to tell Chris Harrison that he wants to find a "stepmom" for his baby gal.

Baby Got Back
Chances are Juan Pablo's finalist will adore children (and maybe even have a few of her own!), but one thing's for sure — his leading lady will possess ample assets. Juan Pablo recently took it to Twitter to tell fans that he wants a gal with a bangin' butt, which definitely won't be a problem. Bodacious behinds are a dime a dozen in Bachelor Valley!

¿Hablas Español?
This Latino heartthrob hails from Venezuela, so a fluent Spanish speaker is a plus. Especially considering he loves Latin music — singing along without knowing what you’re saying is a major no-no.

The Beautiful Game
And considering that he spends his free time kicking around a soccer ball, a girl with an athletic body and love for sports is also a major bonus!

Oh, and we can't forget about Juan Pablo's second love — music. He worked as a promoter for Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho, so we're thinking his lady should be well-versed in pop culture and all things Backstreet Boys (Juan Pablo's favorite band).

Put Your Glass Down
As much as it pains us to say it, Juan Pablo will not be playing shot-ski with us, since this good guy doesn’t drink. So, if you’re on a Franzia-only diet, he may not be the right guy for you. Unless you need a DD, that is.

What qualities do you think Juan Pablo's future wifey will posses? Hit the comments and spill!