Who Will Win American Idol 2013? Our Prediction Based on the Top 7 Results
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Who Will Win American Idol 2013? Our Prediction Based on the Top 7 Results

While the guys going home first on American Idol 2013 has been fairly predictable, it’s now getting to the point where this season is anyone’s to win. Predicting who will win American Idol 2013 seemed easier back in the Top 20 than it does now with just 8 contestants left.

Each one of the remaining seven brings something unique to the table. Lazaro Arbos has his compelling backstory. Burnell Taylor has a vocal tone that is just uniquely his. Janelle Arthur has the old-school country twang that the American Idol judges love. Angie Miller has a falsetto that can’t be matched, and we love when she performs at the piano. Amber Holcomb is like watching Whitney Houston reincarnated. Candice Glover brings a voice that is so powerful, it brings the house down with every performance. But when it comes down to it, we’re sticking by Kree Harrison to win it all.

As seasoned producer and American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine said, Kree has a “unique” and “beautiful” voice. He complimented her upper register by saying, “That top end will take her a long way.” We think that long way could be the end of the road to win it all. Not only has she yet to make any serious missteps, but her vast musical knowledge gives her an edge over the others. During Beatles week, many of these singers had a shameful knowledge of the iconic band, while Kree performed “With A Little Help From My Friends” like she was an original member of the Fab Four.

While Kree calls herself a country artist, and has worked with several established country singers in Nashville, her sound can translate to any genre. Where others may have trouble with this week’s theme–Classic Rock, No Ballads–we think the choices for Kree are endless. In fact, this could be her best week yet. As Jimmy also said of Kree, she has an uncanny ability to pick a song that’s suited to her voice, and we can’t wait to find out what her choice will be on Wednesday.

What do you think of our pick? Who would you choose to join the American Idol winners pool?

03.30.2013 / 06:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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