Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Pick for the Winner of American Idol 2014
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Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Pick for the Winner of American Idol 2014

In seasons past on American Idol, the judges have not been shy about calling out the winner, sometimes even many weeks in advance. Simon Cowell famously named Carrie Underwood as the clear victor during Season 4. Not only that, but he said to the blond beauty, “Not only will you win this competition, but you will sell more albums than any other Idol winner.” Eerily accurate, no?

This season is a bit different, however, as none of the judges have named a favorite as of yet. In fact, in an interview with FOX Audio Central after last week’s results show (March 20), Jennifer Lopez said she thinks the competition is still up for grabs.

“I think anybody can win, and I think it’s very performance based, and that’s what we’re seeing in the bottom three,” J.Lo said. “The bottom three is different every single time, whereas in past seasons you knew. And certain people were never in the bottom three.”

While we’d normally say a statement like this is a major cop-out, we actually have to agree with Jennifer. This season is quite an anomaly. In years past, some people would ride the bottom three, week after week, until elimination. Others would establish a clear lead by never landing in the bottom. That hasn’t happened this season.

In making our prediction as to who will be going home each week, we’ve also found that the contestants are comparable when it comes to fan following. While Sam Woolf and Alex Preston have a significant lead in the Twitter department (44.1K and 33.9K followers, respectively), the rest of the remaining hopefuls are fairly neck and neck with social media fans.

One thing that Idol has shown us over the years is that anything can happen from week to week, and this seems to be all the more true of this season.

What do you think? Is Jennifer right that anyone can win this season? Sound off in the comments!

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03.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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