American Idol

Who Will Win American Idol Season 13? Check Out These Predictions (VIDEO)

We’re coming down to the wire on American Idol’s latest season and everyone and their spray-tanned uncle who sometimes moonlights as a Ryan Seacrest impersonator is weighing in on who should take home the title.

We’ve already made our pick (a couple of times) but we’re not the only ones with a pony in this race. Our pals over at ENTV have devised what could be a fool-proof way to determine the Season 13 winner: Just look at Jennifer Lopez.

By seeing how much (or how little) J.Lo shakes her head (“J.Lo shake-o-meter, patent pending), we can get a pretty good read on how the remaining contestants are faring. Perhaps it’s not the most scientific of methods but it allows us to look at Jenny from the block and really, when has anyone ever complained about that?

The team at ENTV went through the latest round of performances and thinks they know the three contestants most likely to make it to the finale next month. We’re not particularly surprised by their picks but you might be!

Watch the video above to see their choices and then tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Will the J.Lo shake-o-meter predict this year’s champion?