Who Will Win America’s Got Talent 2013? (UPDATE)
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Who Will Win America’s Got Talent 2013? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: America has spoken!

Spoiler alert!!!! Avert your eyes if you don't already know who won!

As it turned out, we nailed our prediction for the big winner, as Kenichi Ebina was crowned the America's Got Talent 2013 champion during the exciting Season 8 finale.

Okay, so we didn't do quite as well with our prediction for number two. We thought Cami would be the runner-up, but instead she shockingly came in sixth. That's right: Sixth! What were you thinking, America?

So that's another season in the books. How do YOU feel about the Season 8 results? And click here for the night's complete rankings.

Original story: The performances so far on America’s Got Talent 2013 (Season 8) have quite possibly been some of the best ever — and yes, that’s despite the fact that we’ve had to watch Tone the Chiefrocca way more times than anyone should have to.

But which of the remaining six finalists has what it takes to win it all? It’s a tough call, but here are our picks, along with where they ranked on our previous list. Do you agree with us? We can’t read your minds like Collins Key can — so let us know who you like in the poll and the comments section.

6. Collins Key

Our previous ranking: 4

What we think: At this point, the teenage magician should just be happy that he made it this far. Collins certainly has his fans, but we would find it shocking if he and his kinda snooze-worthy illusions even make the top 3. Don't hate us, Keypers.

5. Jimmy Rose

Our previous ranking: Not ranked

What we think: Poor Jimmy just can't win over the judges to save his life. And while Jimmy seems like a dynamite dude, his voice just does knock our socks off the way the other singing acts' voices do. But there's no denying the country fan base, so he shouldn't start singing the blues just yet.

4. Forte

Our previous ranking: 2

What we think: Well, we certainly didn't see this happening. Prior to last night, we thought Forte was a lock to make the top two. But then, something dawned on us: We don't really like opera. And neither does most of America. So while Forte is undoubtedly talented, we just don't think they're quite fun enough to win. Still, there's no denying those harmonies, so maybe they can still surprise us.

3. Taylor Williamson

Our previous ranking: Not ranked

What we think: Last night was probably T-Will's most crowd pleasing set, between his fresh take on his old set (camel suit!), and then that crazy photo of him with Heidi. Sure, Taylor's comedy is still probably a bit too offbeat for him to win it all. But he certainly has the judges' support, so he just might have the last laugh.

2. Cami Bradley

Our previous ranking: 5

What we think: Cami impressed us more than ever last night, and now we're actually think she just might pull the victory off! We love her beautiful voice and her emotional take on pop songs, not to mention that she really is becoming America's sweetheart. If anyone can beat Kenichi, Cami is the one to do it.

1. Kenichi Ebina

Our previous ranking: 1

What we think: Kenichi has been the odds-on favorite to win for pretty much the whole season. But did he lose a little momentum last night? His final performance wasn't quite the showstopper we were hoping for, and we're now wondering if Cami will perhaps pull off the upset and snag the crown. We still think Kenichi's act is creative enough to win, but the results show will definitely be a nail-biter!

I can't decide!

I have a definite favorite!

08.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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