Who is the American Idol Winner? Candice Glover Vs. Kree Harrison!
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Who is the American Idol Winner? Candice Glover Vs. Kree Harrison!

Who wins American Idol 2013 when Kree Harrison and Candice Glover go head to head? Our prediction for the next American Idol winner is... Candice Glover!

On next Wednesday’s exciting
American Idol finale, Kree Harrison will face Candice Glover in what will surely be a night of stunning performances. Who will win American Idol Season 12 should be a difficult choice... but we think the answer is probably a foregone conclusion.

We have to admit, we think the race would have been more of a fight to the finish had Candice’s matchup been versus
Angie Miller. While we love our country girl, Kree, and we are confident she’ll have a long and prosperous music career, Candice is simply on a whole other level.

Candice’s only weakness in the past has been coming across as a bit of a dated singer, but she’s taken on contemporary numbers in recent weeks and shown us that she could release an album tomorrow that would likely debut at the top of the charts. Her vocals have been flawless all season long, and she’s had two performances on the show that will go down in American Idol history as the best of the best this past week’s rendition of “Somewhere” and her take on Adele’s “Lovesong” (originally by The Cure) a few weeks back.

Kree has had two performances that have really wowed on the show her stirring rendition of “Up To The Mountain” many weeks ago and Wednesday’s night beautiful version of “Here Comes Goodbye”. While her vocals have been impressive in other performances, she hasn’t managed to match her level of passion with that beautiful upper register.

So who won American Idol 2013?

Dim the lights... here we go!

After the nationwide vote, the winner of American Idol Season 12 is.

Candice Glover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!