Who Will Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?
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Dancing With The Stars

Who Will Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?

Who will win Dancing With the Stars Season 16?

Well, the last time we updated this story, in early April, we finally accepted our pre-season pick to win it all — Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold — would probably not win it all. After three weeks, we were ready to accept a more obvious choice would probably win. As in, one of the four couples who'd been topping the leaderboard from the beginning:

Now it's early May and nothing has changed. We still think that's the final four, with season-long Leaderboard toppers Zendaya and Kellie probably battling it out as the final two, unless Jacoby can make the classic football player move of sneaking in for a "surprise" win (ahem, Donald Driver!).

Aly Raisman defintiely wins the gold medal "Most Improved," but we don't see her edging out leading ladies Zendaya and Kellie. Zendaya's strength — aside from her lovely dancing — are her fans. She arguably has the biggest fanbase of the competition, but some DWTS viewers have cited her previous dance experience as an unfair advantage. And then there's Kellie, whose country charm has won over viewers week-after-week. But this week, Kellie and Derek were in jeopardy, which could mean her charm is wearing off. Then again, this is Derek's final season (or do he says), and Derek's fan could ralley for Team Pickler in the finals.

What do you think? Will one of these four win it all? If so, which one? If NOT, who will win?