Who Will Win Dancing With the Stars 2013? Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Says…
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Dancing With The Stars

Who Will Win Dancing With the Stars 2013? Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Says…

It’s hard to believe, but Dancing With the Stars 2013 airs its last live performance night this coming Monday, May 20, and the competition is fiercer than ever. Though it has been a bit predictable this season, now that it’s down to four (not three!) finalists, all of whom are incredibly talented and high-scored, it’s anyone’s game.

But who will take home the Mirror Ball for Season 16? Judge Carrie Ann Inaba shared her opinions recently, and we have to agree with her picks.

“As far as my scores go, I think Zendaya [Coleman] has gotten the highest scores from me. I love the way she interprets music when she dances. It’s a full-body interpretation,” she hinted to Time. However, other Leaderboard-topper Kellie Pickler could take it, too — if she fixes one thing.

“I think Kellie Pickler is a fantastic dancer. I don’t know if she’s always really in tune with her emotions. She’s always very concerned with the technique,” she revealed. Carrie Ann notes that she had a “breakthrough” on the Paso Doble, and if Kellie can improve for the finals, she has a fighting chance.

In general, the judge notes that anyone can take it if they surprise viewers. “In the finals, people vote for you when you surprise them and you give them something new. If you’re the same, the audience gets bored very quickly,” she pointed out. “The audience loves to see a breakthrough, they love to see something unexpected. I push people to do that, because I’ve been on the show for 16 seasons, and I know what works. I’m always trying to give people hints on how to win.”

Do you think Zendaya or Kellie will win, or will it be Aly or Jacoby? Sound off below!

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday, May 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Time

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