X Factor 2013: Who Will Win X Factor Season 3?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Who Will Win X Factor Season 3?

It’s been a shocking, exciting season so far on The X Factor 2013, with acts dropping off before their time, and some surprises sticking around. Now, with only four episodes left in Season 3, it’s time for us to settle the score. On the table today, the biggest question of all: Who’s going to win this thing?

There are four strong acts left: Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, and Carlito Olivero.

Simon Cowell’s groups seem to be the sweethearts of the competition, with fans falling in love with Restless Road for being a group of three hot young guys, and Alex & Sierra’s love story keeping people in lust with the cute 22-year-olds. Plus, it helps that both groups can really sing. While Restless Road is definitely doing the country thing pretty convincingly that may limit their reach to a wider audience. Meanwhile for Alex & Sierra, after hitting a little bump in the beginning, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing as they take everything from club hits to ballads and make them their own.

Carlito seems the least likely choice to win since his numbers haven’t been all that strong; he was even tied with Rion Paige to get the boot on the December 5 elimination episode. While smooth-talker Carlito pulled it out in the end, he has to be careful not to let his numbers drop if he wants to see the finish line. But his charming style, great vocal range, and good looks should serve him well.

Jeff Gutt is the dark horse in the competition, entering as a Season 2 early reject. But his sweet story of putting family first and trying to make it as a last chance has captured our hearts from Day One, and we don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon. With his gravelly voice and love of rock ‘n roll hits, Jeff seems like a natural fit in the market. Plus, an Over 25 won last year, so we know it can be done. But will Jeff be able to get the younger crowd when he’s up against cuties like Carlito, Alex, Sierra, and the Restless Road boys?

It’s your call, guys, in more ways than one. Tell us who’s going to win, and then check back to see the popular answer before the final four episodes for the final four acts.

My favorite acts are all still in!

How am I supposed to know?

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